People of the ParkAn Inside Look at Employees of the Park

Chao Liu Chief Executive Officer | Aleo BME, Inc.

Chao Liu is the CEO of Aleo BME, a start-up that participated in the Ben Franklin TechCelerator program and is now located in the Incubator in the Technology Center at Innovation Park.

“Innovation Park provides a sense of business community for small technology start-ups like us,” Liu says. “We learned from experienced business mentors in the TechCelerator program and can share the experience and resources with other smaller companies.”

Liu also explains the unique story behind the naming of Aleo BME:

“The company was named from an inspiration after reading Leo astrology,” she says. “Leo is a large constellation (the lion), said to represent the lion slain by Hercules. Penn State’s mascot is also the lion, and Aleo BME was started based on a few licensed technologies from PSU. In addition, Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, for people who are born from July 23 to August 21. One of the co-founders, Dr. Jian Yang was born during this time span. In Leo astrology, it is said that business dealings are easy and successful for Leos if they are in command and control. For all these reasons, the company was named as Aleo BME, where Aleo means ‘A-leo’ and BME represents ‘Biological, Medical, and Environmental,’ which is aligned to the long-term mission of the company to develop meaningful products to solve problems in these areas.”

Liu is the mother of two daughters, six and eight years old. In her spare time, she enjoys doing yoga and spending time with her children.

People of the Park____

Linda Chadwick Student Transfer Credit Specialist | Academic and Enrollment Support Services, Penn State World Campus

Linda Chadwick takes full advantage of working in an office located in Innovation Park.

“I like working and being active here at the park,” she says. “I bring my bike in the summer months and ride throughout the park. The Innovation Park office has a bike that you can check out too, which I have done before.”

Chadwick also enjoys walking and running when weather permits. “During the winter, I like to walk through the woods and enjoy the solitude. It can be very peaceful and rejuvenating.”

She also takes advantage of the Penn Stater’s workout room for a monthly fee. “The coolBLUE community has facilitated many campus tours and that has been a great way to connect with individuals at the park and with our colleagues,” she adds. Those have included trips to: Thee Housing and Food Building for cooking demonstrations from Chef Laychur, The Arboretum, Pegula Ice Arena, The Millennium Science Complex, Medlar Park, and more!