Peconic Seeks Medical Breakthroughs with Genetic TechnologyPeconic is on the forefront of genetic discovery and technology. Made up of a team of scientists, the company is led by Dr. Frank Pugh, a professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Penn State University, and team members Dr. William Lai and Nina Farrell.

Preserving Our Planet: How Local Businesses are Making a DifferenceFor millions, Earth Day is a time to give pause and focus on the impact our behaviors have on the planet. For more than four decades, April 22 has marked the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement, which began in 1970. Companies around the world make these efforts their focus, but right here in Innovation Park, research and products are developed that have major impacts on our environment.

Destroying to Create: Laser Ablation Tomography Helping the Agricultural Industry and BeyondLasers for Innovative Solutions (L4IS) is a leader in Laser Ablation technology. Using destruction to create the most detailed 3D image possible, L4IS founder, Benjamin Hall is leading the charge to find new ways to use this exceptional technology, along with the support of Penn State University and Innovation Park.

CIMP-3D: Global Leader in Additive Manufacturing TechnologyPenn State’s Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D) is a world-class resource and leader in additive manufacturing (AM) technology. “Very few places have the depth and broad range of capacity that we have here at Penn State. No one in the United States is close to our range of abilities,” explains Rick Matukanitz, Director of the CIMP. “We have a suite of machines that few others have in this extremely competitive arena.”

WPSU Celebrates More Than 50 Years of EducationLocal media provider continues to grow and stimulate young minds and community involvement

Some may not recognize the innovative and creative resource found right within Innovation Park. WPSU Penn State, the local PBS and NPR station, is a gathering of some of the area’s best writers, producers, educators, and entertainers, all bringing a wide array of exciting and informative media content over the airwaves of public radio and television through WPSU-TV, WPSU-FM, and the newer WPSU Digital (a made-for-web series).