When Bill McMillan sold his company in 2012, he didn’t sit back and enjoy his free time. Feeling the need to pursue a new venture, he contacted his friend of 30 years, Henry Hassinger, and together, they formed Qumulis in January 2013.

Maake isn’t like other art magazines. Since its inception in 2016, Maake provides a platform for emerging artists through introspective and beautifully printed imagery. With thoughtful curation and readership that grows on a daily basis, Maake is for artists and non-artists alike, and captures the extraordinary spirit of the arts community. More importantly, Maake is a way to get noticed.

On June 9, 2017, GLP 310 IP of Baltimore, led by GLP Development, broke ground on 310 Innovation Boulevard, a new research/office building offering 30,000 square feet of available space. The building will be home to the 10,800-square-foot Morgan Advanced Materials’ Carbon Science Centre of Excellence.

Notable speakers on site for the groundbreaking celebration included Neil Sharkey, vice president of research, Penn State University; Mike Murray, chief technology officer, Morgan Advanced Materials; Erwin Greenberg, chairman and founding partner, GLP Development; and Vern Squier, president and CEO, Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County.

Today, one of the leading frontiersmen in social change is Penn State’s very own, Steve “Spud” Marshall. The Alum is an inspiration to many as his passions, projects, and nontraditional career path have led to immense success for not only him but mainly for the communities he impacts and, on a larger scale, the world. Spud has a wide range of passions that, combined with his gusto, heart, and driven attitude, have allowed him to create change in the world around him. These passions include, according to his website: curating changemaker communities, social entrepreneurship, creative economic development and fostering innovation.

Spud always knew he wanted to get involved in work that was meaningful and had an impact, but he had no idea what form it would take. His interest in social change was first sparked when he got his Masters' degree in Sweden and saw how progressed the country was in social change initiatives.

Park tenant CIMP-3D is hosting its open house this Thursday, June 15! All Park employees, friends and family are invited to attend, and enjoy the faculty presentations and distinguished speakers, including Dr. Thorsten Schmidt, CEO DMB Mori USA, and Mr. Neal Orringer, VP Alliances and Partnerships 3D Systems Corporations. In addition, student research posters will be on display, and visitors can even take a tour of the new CIMP-3D Laboratory.