Networking opportunities abound at Innovation Park! 

Innovation Park offers many opportunities for tenants of the park to get together for networking. Whether it is a CoolBLUE event, a Chamber business card exchange, or lunch with your “Lunch Buddy,” Innovation Park brings our tenants together for what we like to call “Happy Collisions.” A Happy Collision is that chance meeting that starts small, but can lead to something really great!

Whether it be a social event, a formal business event, or an event for the community, Innovation Park tenants come together often around common interests. Our tenants already have the park itself in common and there are similarities in the types of businesses who “live” at the park – technology, research, and business. Mixing and mingling with like-minded professionals, Penn State faculty and students, leads to new connections, shared knowledge and a sense of community not found anywhere else in the State College area.

You pick the path, we support the journey.