“We do conferences here at the Penn Stater, attracting 400-500 business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the country. It’s a huge plus to have that facility in walking distance. Plus, Innovation Park is where you meet entrepreneurs and startups. It leads us to opportunities that we can’t get anywhere else.”

“I saw that I could get incredible technology for half the price of Silicon Valley.”

“The greatest benefit of our location in Innovation Park is the cross-pollination that goes on. We can inspire and help each other, and we do. We get together for lunches and offer one another advice.”

“We are fortunate to have received so much help. Here at Innovation Park and Penn State people are willing to help with no strings attached. We can find top flight researchers and very experienced people. We are confident we can succeed here.”

 “We needed a suite of skills we did not have. Our intimate connection to the people here at Innovation Park was crucial to our success. L4IS would not have been possible without the TechCelerator. Our experience with Innovation Park has been excellent since the first telephone call. We’re very thankful.”