For four generations, the Morris family has been part of the energy solution, helping to do more than just heat homes and power vehicles. But even with their long-standing pedigree of responsible drilling, involvement in the community and honest hard work, Paul gets it if you don’t like what he does. He’s met me on a Sunday morning in his office at the Incubator in the 200 Building of Innovation Park for our interview to have an open conversation about a controversial topic: fracking.

Picture it: a spaceship lands on Earth, opens, and an alien steps out. The alien has a mission – to assimilate and fit in anywhere he goes (US, Russia, China), immediately. Eat what we eat, speak our language, become part of a human family, instantly. No learning curve, no practicing, no time to acclimate to his surroundings. Become human or die. His surviving chances are slim to none. While this story is science fiction, it’s how Gong Chen, founder of NeuExcell, explains a very real process by which some researchers are attempting to use external stem cell injections to repair brain damage, and why he believes it’s the wrong approach.

Innovation Park is excited to welcome new tenant BASF to building 328. While the company is new to the park, it already has deep roots here at Penn State. In 2017, BASF acquired ZedX, a leading digital ag intelligence company born from Penn State research and officially founded in 1987.

In the past seven years more than 100 teams have graduated from Ben Franklin’s TechCelerator@State College. These teams turned their ideas, many of which were based on Penn State technology, into 114 tech startups.

This year, as the Invent Penn State Venture & IP Conference returns for another banner year, it positions the Centre Region to be not only a geographical center, but also a central hub of innovation.