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Aerial View of Innovation Park at Penn State


Innovation Park at Penn State is a 118-acre business park that provides companies with multiple real estate options. Residents of the Park have access to Penn State resources and the support services to transfer knowledge from the University to the marketplace.

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coolBLUE Lunch Delivery Program

Delivered to Your Building!  No Delivery Fee!  No Tip Required!  Innovation Park tenants can order lunch from participating restaurants.

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Why I Love Innovation Park
Debra Thurley, Assistant Director, Conflict of Interest Program

"We are very happy in our space at Innovation Park! As an administrative office serving many different Penn State faculty, students and staff, we were nervous at first that being “off campus” would pose difficulties for our Penn State colleagues that were in need of our services. However, the short travel from the main parts of campus and the ample parking have continued to make us accessible and available to our customers (both Penn State and non- Penn State). The larger office spaces, multiple conference rooms and comfortable waiting areas we now have at the Park, that we didn’t have room for in our prior campus location, provide a more comfortable and relaxed environment for our customers and our growing staff to work together more effectively and collegially. We have also continued to feel part of a larger “community” in our new location by becoming actively involved in many social and community-building initiatives organized by the coolBLUE Community, our other Park neighbors and even ourselves; such as, the annual food drives, the monthly book club, diversity-related workshops/education sessions and “After Hours” at Legends Pub. We are glad to work here and glad to be involved with all of our friendly and active Park neighbors!" Debra Thurley, Assistant Director, Conflict of Interest Program

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