State College Startup Quietly Makes its MarkDefense teams across the globe, and even NASA, demand the unassuming technology manufactured here.

RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc., occupies a two-story portion of Innovation Park’s 103 building, the non-descript office belying the extremely technical and highly specialized work inside. It’s there that approximately 35 individuals show up to work each day, engineering computer and tech solutions for some of the most rugged, extreme and life-or-death environments in the world.

Project TEAM wants to know: “Are you in the house?” Entrepreneur Linsey Covert’s graduate-project-turned-business-idea is carrying out social and academic change in school communities across Pennsylvania through her company, TEAMology LLC.

Project TEAM helps teachers foster leadership, positivity and teamwork among students, while students learn to work together toward common goals for their schools. Those goals include acceptance, belonging, and community. In other words, getting everyone in “the house.”

Covert’s Project TEAM is more than a business idea… it’s a movement designed to promote meaningful interpersonal relationships among peers in a school setting.

In the mid-1990s, the Penn State Small Business Development Center (SBDC) had a tiny office in Centre County staffed by a single full-time employee. As demand grew, so did the SBDC. The Penn State office now has an eight-person staff that serves more than 500 clients annually.

“We provide our counseling in both Centre and Mifflin counties and have two offices to engage both the resident community and student entrepreneurs. Our base office in Innovation Park allows access to the University’s extensive innovation centers with whom we network and collaborate, and is adjacent to key incubators, faculty and technology experts. Innovation Park is easily reached by clients from Centre and Mifflin counties, both served by our Center,” said Kimberlee MacMullan, Director of the SBDC.

Remember these awesome kids from the 310 Innovation Blvd groundbreaking? CC4-H Robotics is helping them prepare for future career success, but they need your help.

Congratulations to ConidioTec LLC, honored by the Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County, at the 2017 Excellence in Business Awards, held earlier this month at the Nittany Lion Inn. These annual awards celebrate the best of the best in local entrepreneurs, startups and businesses. ConidioTec LLC was named Startup Company of the Year.